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Your Wedding Photographs



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Before you choose Zala Tunzi as your creative team to handle your wedding photographs please consider the following differences between us and most other photographers.

Photography as craft is applied by photographers to capture true images of things (people, products, places, etc). Most photographers work in this discipline. Most wedding photographers work in this discipline. People who choose these photographers to take photographs of their wedding often value high quantity (lots of pictures) of photographs. We see some photographers handing over 1000s of pictures on a DVD.

Photography as fine art is applied by artists to render an artistic expression of the people (wedding) within their context, at that moment and time. People who choose this type of photographer for their matrimonial memories value artistic integrity, artistic expression and very high quality.

Typically we try our best to deliver 20 works of very high quality - and that is a very high number for us. We do take hundreds of pictures during the day of your wedding - but in the end all but about 50 don't make the cut to be good enough - then we boil that down to the 20 best - then we pick one, to be carefully made into your Pièce de résistance.

Zala Tunzi Wedding Photographer


We take longer to do a shot than other photographers. There's always more than one person on the team. Depending on the location we may (ask permission first of course) bring in another assistant, for our account. We use lights, reflectors, stools, tools, meters, stuff, watchamecalits, and several things, to get the light just right, set the mood of the picture and create a scene that will reflect the biggest day of your life just perfectly - and then we move on to the next scene, place or pose and do it all over again. We blend in, we don't take over, its YOUR day and we honour that, but we will make sure that we get the shot you need for your memories. We always have a roaming camera with a longer lens to pick out those nice moments that happen between people - and these are usually the fun pics - sometimes theres a lot, sometimes just 50 or so - but we don't make these into fine art images - just pictures for you to fill your web page with fond memories of your loved ones doing what they do best when together...and this time they are together for YOU.

Your memories of your big wedding day include many special people and we must capture some of those moments and events where they feature. Your pictures of the bride's parents, groom's parents, bridesmaids, best man (best men), are very important. There are other pictures and events during the day that you want to capture and pay special attention to - that is why we meet in planning sesssions before the time so that on the big day we are mostly operating by ourselves and that gives you (and the planners) one less thing to fret about.

We are expensive because we have really expensive gear, assistants and stuff. We also spend an unbelievable amount of time on creating each photograph. Yet, we remain expensive. A really really big plan can cost $8,000 (Buffalo, NY, 2007). Yet, for a different type of wedding album for a lesser price we have done just 5 amazing images - the bride and groom, entourage and parents in the studio or in a location of their choice, for an hour or two.

Locations are very important. If you get married in, for example, Sarnia in SW Ontario, on the 2nd week of August when the rest of North America gets married chances are that there wont be many available locations. Let your photographer know beforehand where you can go, what is a reasonable distance to travel, and allow her/him to also scout out something. Some photographers care, some dont, but its important to know where the sun will be at the time and the only way to know is the be there, at that time, way ahead of time to prepare...and many other important things...

Here's the skinny : Decide whether you want a typical wedding photographer who can provide you with the traditional Lots and Lots of good photos; or do you want a smaller collection of exquisite works of art that encapsulate your memories of that beautiful day in really pleasant looking pieces that dont just fade into the masses as another been-there-seen-that.


Congratulations on your big decision.

May you spend many very happy years together. Marriage is truly a blessing - Adele and I have been together for more than 20 years, 24/7, working together, through thick and thin, and every day has been a blessing and a privilidge - we believe in the concept of marriage and soul mates.


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