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Model portfolio tips

Anyone who knows anything about the professional modeling world, knows at least the following very basic facts. Wthout these, you should not waste your time to try and break in to this world:

* If you are entering the adult/erotic modelling and acting world, get a manager FIRST. See, for example, ZeeTee Talent and Management. Your manager will get you trained, prepared, experience, a portfolio, membership to AEMA, etc. For other models, please read on.

* Use a professional photographer with experience in the field that you need shots of

* Nudes are by far the most difficult photogrpahy to do and very few photographers have the 'knack', skill and not to mention the experience - dont risk putting yourself in front of an untested photographer's lens if you hope to build a career.

* Use a photographer that is good enough for your shots to be accepted by larger agencies and catch someone's eye

* You need a good portfolio to get casting calls - its your essential resume - there is no use skimping on it.

* If you have the money hire a professional for 5 hours and run through every pose, every piece of wardrobe, every style, location and whatever else advice you get. Pay the few hundred $ and if you picked a pro, you will be very very happy. If you dont have that kind of money then work for a pro model-for-pics. Not many pros need models, they usually have many available in the wings but talk to them, make it worth their while (some models are a rigt pain in the butt to have around, if you are not full of it then you might just get what you want).

* Practise poses, listen to the pros and learn as you go. Modeling is about more than just sitting around...

* Include a variety of poses, styles, wardrobes, hair styles, and genre - show your versatility. Ask advice from pros if you don't know.

* There are many different types of modeling jobs you can specialize in, just think about it - fitness magazines, clothing, jewelry, hair, adult xxx, runway, fashion, swimsuit, lingerie, and male models have many options as well.

* A portfolio alone may get you a job or two but experience makes you cost-effective and adaptable. A pretty-face model who can not adapt to an unfamiliar look/feel or scenario is a waste of time and money on that shoot. Conversely, you can put a pro on an airplane, fly her 10,000 miles into the desrt and shoot winning stuff the next day, come back and shoot with her in Alaska and the Amazon next week. She may be a tired and weary, and fatigued and constipated as the rest of the crew but she knows how to still look good and deliver winning pose anfter winning pose no matter how hard the work is -- that is why they earn top dollar. A novice, on the other hand, may fall apart in the same studio after three hours of work with three scene changes, and that costs money. Fortunately, we are always searching for new blood and fresh looks, and that is why you have a fighting chance to start at the bottom and make it big. It took me, a photographer, no less than 30 years of training to learn and hone my skills, and over those years I spent no less than $120,000 on equipment, and I own a large studio, yet I don't earn what that the better models earn--they are just that good and worth every penny when the heat is on. It just makes sense, the saying that top models are not born, they are made. Modelling is 95% sweat and bloodletting and 5% glamour. Its a wonderful world, and most models will not change their lifestyles (however hard) for a normal job.

* A rookie mistake answer to questions like, "Will you do erotic (or nude or porn or adult or couples-porn, etc) work?" is to write or say, "It depends". The answer is either yes or no. "It depends," is a redundant answer because ANY job offer depends. There is no job offer ever that you will walk into without knowing the details. It always depends on your evaluation of the studio, the publisher, the contract, the subject matter, the people and the remuneration. If it depends on someone's promise that it will remain private and confidential, and you buy that, then you are making a mistake. Think it trough before giving that answer on a questionaire because it yells, 'amateur'. As a photographer, I will not do, and I regularly refuse to do work involving young models, illegal work, and work for people whom I dont want to be associated with--and my face is not even on the picture. It always depends, it goes without saying, but as a rookie you have to think it through before the time.

see examples of poses for a portfolio (We did not do all of these pics, take note some are loaned)


Starter portfolio - $400 (2 hours of fast paced studio work. Switch looks, wardrobes and styling quickly, get a lot of tips from the pros, get about 15 pics to use with 4 8X10 professional portfolio prints) (ask about our Lambton College student discount)

Intermediate portfolio - $1,000 (discuss your needs. We custom make a portfolio according to your area of specialty and requirements. This portfolio is enough to launch a career. )

Professional Portfolio - $2,000 (Can be done in one day, best done over 2 half days. Talk to us - there's a lot of location scouting to do, props for the studio, wardrobe planning, stylist briefings, video, dialogue to be written and practised, etc)


Contact us to book a session, we do only one portfolio shoot per day in the summer - best to book ahead.


Modeling for Pics or TFP

We always add models to our database. Some work nude, some don't. Must be age 21 and older for nude work.

What is the look we desire?

We require ANY and ALL looks, shapes and sizes. If you are either pretty, petite, young, or old, bold, bald, fat and muscular, or full of character, age, wisdom, or soft, sensuous, sultry, or sexy or sensational, huge, or hungry, or large, laughing, loud, and lovely, or normal, standard, average, usual, butch, fem, a working man or woman, a homemaker or dance teacher- Art needs you. There is a lovely in all people - and we know how to let it show



Modeling for Pics / time for pics

Are you are an aspiring model or actor in need of a portfolio and experience for your resume? Or, you may not aspire to be a professional but, like most people, you simply want to have professional photographs of yourself looking your absolute best but you don't want to pay the studio fee. This might be for you.


For the Studio to publish or exhibit works of art we need to own the rights to do so. The usual way to go about owning exhibition/commercial rights is to hire professional models. 

However, we recognize that not everyone can afford Zala Tunzi but would still love to have their work done by him.  We think it a nice idea to open the model-for-pics concept for a while, at least. 

What this involves is that anyone (you know Zala makes anyone look good!) has the opportunity to model under a professional contract (so we own rights to exhibit works) and reward will be made in the form of exhibition quality prints of all works used by the studio.

What is included in the package

  • Some hard work. Be prepared to offer up to 6 hours, perhaps over more than one session
  • Sometimes Zala Tunzi work on a particular project and concentrates on a theme. These sessions may be shorter.
  • You get a signed exhibition-quality print of every photograph the artist selects for exhibition / display.
  • You may order other prints at standard rates


Your time, co-operation and effort.


Female, male, or couples, 21 to 98 years old. Initial interview and pre-shoot. (as above). We will contact you when we are working on a project where your talent is required. We often use time between appointments, weekends, or later in the evenings when the studio is available. Standard ‘model release’ contract allowing Zala Tunzi full exhibition / commercial rights to the work.


Working for prints, or Time for Pics, is an industry standard way for aspiring models, photographers and makeup artists to build portfolios, get recognized, and gain credit for experience worked with ‘big name’ professionals – but it is also a great way for anyone to obtain art of themselves that otherwise, they might not have had.


Contact Adele and tell her what you want to do. She will talk you through the process and get you on the list of models to call next time we are working on a project. Also see the Casting Calls page and subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on opportunities.


adult or erotic modelling?

On commercial shoots, we work with AEMA models and professionally represented models. Want to start out in this industry? Get yourself a professional manager to prepare you for the professional erotic modelling world. See ZeeTee, for example.





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