Zala Tunzi Fine Art Nude Photography, Sarnia and Port Huron

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Our Beauty Shop

At Zala's Studio we work with average people - not 18 year-old perfect-body model types. Making average people, like you and I, look their sensuous best is our art. Our body shop is not simply a spray job makeover, it is a process that involves your preparation, the stylist, studio conditions, after shoot software, and artistic skill. We spend many! hours in the body shop to make our clients look their best.


Your skin is your largest organ and it reflects your path through life - it shows your badges of honour and battle scars - it hardly ever looks perfect. Click photo for before / after.

CLICK - to view before and after

CLICK - to view before and after


Please Note: We try our best but we do NOT guarantee that markings will always be removable. Results differ, we offer no guarantees, we simply set our hearts to it and try our best.


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