Zala Tunzi Fine Art Nude Photography, Sarnia and Port Huron

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about Zala Tunzi Studios

We do fine art photography.

We don't do conventional photographic assignments. We make use of photographic and artistic techniques perfected over the past 40 years to alter images to benefit the attractiveness and good looks of our clients and for artistic appeal of the images. Final images are works of art and not what-you-see-is-what-you-get photography. We are therefore an expensive choice and not well-suited for average or run of the mill photography. Dictated by the nature of our work, much of what we do is confidential and copyright and ownership is vested with the client. We have worked in Ontario, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Indiana and several Western European countries. We are located in Sarnia, Ontario - 5 miles from Port Huron, Michigan; 3 hours from Toronto, and 1 hour from Detroit.


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About the Artist

Zala Tunzi is the pseudonym adopted by the artist for his creative work. It speaks to the idea of making art by capturing reflected light (photography). Zala Tunzi comes from a most obscure pidgin language Fanagalo used in Southern Africa and can be translated as "giving birth to a shadow" - the word for shadow and the word for soul is the same in Fanagalo.

Zala Tunzi is a fine art photographic studio residing in the border city Sarnia, Ontario, situated at the mouth of Lake Huron a stone's throw from Port Huron, Michigan. We are blessed to live between two world renowned lakes, close to Toronto and Detroit, to have 4 seasons with sweltering heat in summer when only the beaches and yacht clubs are civil places to be, and icy winters that see the ports freeze up and snow banks cover the tropical growth - just before the magnificent Autumn colours signal the next change. Also, what we get in return for donating our lungs to filter and clean the air, is the joy of viewing Chemical Valley at night - beautiful in any season - smelly (but in an interesting way) most of the time. Our area is known to be one of the world's top Sunset Watching spots. A photographer's dream...


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About our Prints

We only print Giclée, using 7 and 8 colour dye printers on specialized media. (more about Giclée Printing). We do our own printing on-premises for two reasons - our work is of the highest standard, therefore we need total control over the process, and we would not feel comfortable sending your sensitive photos to an outside facility (by mail, courier, e-mail, or by transferring your images to their web site - its simply not good practice when confidentiality and privacy is crucial).

Our printers are state-of-the-art large format Ultra Chrome K3 technology capable of delivering archival, exhibition and museum quality prints on canvas, cotton paper, high gloss, velvet, watercolour and other specialty papers. Your nude works of art deserve only the best - and that is what we deliver.


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Commisioning Contract

This is the standard contract in regular use. This link takes you to a .PDF version of the contract. This brief agreement simply states that you appoint Zala Tunzi to create nude art works of yourself, for use at your discretion.

Under this contract YOU OWN the work. We own the right to be your only printer of the work but we do NOT have the right to display your files.

Under this contract we do NOT have rights to publish or display the works in any way.

We DO have a responsibility to keep the digital files of finished works in archives until instructed by you to destroy it, or when we run out of storage space, whichever comes first. Storage is a problem, a single image takes up 200Mb.

Property Release

Should you decide to allow us to exhibit a particular image(s) of yourself we require a full Property Release.

This is the standard agreement used in the industry, often referred to as a Model Release.

This is the agreement used for images released under the Model for Pics arrangement.

By this agreement you relinquish your rights to a particular image to Zala Tunzi. You practically give the image away, allowing the artist full use of it.

Unlike most studios, we do Property Releases on an image by image basis - NEVER a blanket release.

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The words zala and tunzi are from the Fanagalo, a Zulu based pidgin language.  Zala Tunzi can be translated as, giving birth to a shadow or soul.

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