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ZT Model Management

Modelling agency and management web site is launched early November.

ZT Model Management is a niche agency. We serve one sector of the market. Our photographic studios work with many other model management companies, each a specialist it her own area. We work with models from other agencies, every day. While we definitely prefer to work with models represented by managers or agents, we are in a position where it is not always possible, so we do make exceptions.

ZT Model Management concentrates on the niche market of erotic modeling. We decided to enter this market to fill a gap in service delivery in Ontario.

Anyone who desires to enter the world of professional modeling must have a manager and an agent. Without that, your chances of ever making it in the industry are basically zero. Some managers double-up as agents. There are excellent model management companies in Ontario. However, managers and agents specialize. Most specialize in fashion modeling because that is where the potential “big bucks” and glitzy jet-setting work schedules are, and that is the area of modeling where super models are made--the dream of millions of young models.

However, if you are not the fashion model type (5’8”+ tall, skinny, under 22, etc.) forget it. See our article on model types. If you are not the fashion type, and if you don't start at the right age (in your teens) chances are 99% that you will not break into that market. There are many other model types, and they all get regular work. Only thing is, few (if any) of the other types of models will ever earn $50,000 for one Gucci shoot. They will rather make a more normal kind of income and live a more normal life, and have a longer career than fashion models.

While most model types are well represented by agencies and model management companies in Ontario, the area of Erotic Modeling was underrepresented. This was sad because of all the models out there, the people in need of the more guidance, training, and protection than anyone else are exactly these models. Over the past ten years we have done hundreds of nude, artistic and so-called erotic shoots for clients and never did any of the models have professional representation. It is hard, time consuming and potentially dangerous for a studio to work with models who are not professionally represented. Back in the big cities we would have said no thank you m'am, but around here there were no choices. Well, we decided to change that. It was an undesirable state. The models deserved better, and we set out to provide them with a full service model management facilities. We have more than 20 years experience working with young people in the industry. Our primary goals are getting models prepared, launching careers, and providing ongoing care and career management. We are connected to adult studios in Toronto, Montreal and the USA East Coast and West coast and we do quite a bit of work for adult product suppliers.

The word erotic modeling is a misnomer in this industry because what people consider to be erotic varies from seeing cleavage, or a nipple showing through a non-padded bra, to a naked ankle (if you are in the Mid-East). Some sorry people out there even regard classic art and sculpture as erotic--but let that be their own little problem. There are millions of well balanced mature people in the world who appreciate God sculpted art as in the human body, who regard nudity and sexuality not only as natural and beautiful but essential to our emotional health. Suffice it to say that what is meant here by erotic modeling is that one step further than figure study nudes, as represented by such as,, and The world of erotic modeling goes deeper than that, and may include specialized lingerie and/or sex toy catalogue work, soft core and couples porn, erotic art movies and European-style movies where a real sex scene is required.

If you are working in this specialty area or aspire to work in this area and are not represented by a model manager, you should seriously consider hooking up with us. Contact Jean(AT) and talk it through. We provide essential training, learning opportunities, actual professional in-studio experience, legal guidance, representation, marketing, portfolio building and updates, online portfolio, comp cards, etc.

See our articles on Model Managers and Agents and learn how the industry works. If you are already in the industry, and getting work, then you already know that without these elements on your side it is nigh impossible to become professional, get work, and grow your career.



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