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Casting Calls


Casting calls are time sensitive. Please check status (open/closed) before attending. Interviews and shoots are done in Sarnia and Brampton except when we go on location. Please note that "mature" denotes persons 20-years and older. Some tattoos can be accomodated, always check first. Contact Jean at with a casting call number for appointments.

If you are interested to submit photos of yourself or your own children for particular casting calls, please do so. We work with amateurs quite a bit.

If you are interested in adult-type work but do not have a manager or agent, you are welcome to get your name on the tryout list but also see ZeeTee Talent Management. Models in the adult-industry must make use of managers, its just not worth doing it by yourself.


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Casting Calls




Client Request


Paid or WorkForPics

120301 Stock photos all Photographers and models contribute pics to online repositories of stock photos of ANY type of photo. You think of a scene, there will be someone (one day) looking for a photo exactly like that. Photographers and models get paid a small fee when work is picked up by a corporation. If you are interested in partaking in stock photo shoots, please send an email indicating your interest areas (fashion, normal life, alternative looks and lifestyles, nude, erotic, etc) OPEN as and when
120418 Client is leading Mexican shoe manufacturer. fashion, female 2013 Catalogue shots of new products for USA and European market. Shots of legs, feet, Waist down in many different locations and poses. North American shoe size 7 and 8. OPEN $15 / hour.
120421 Client is a Montreal-based adult film maker. adult, female, male, erotic Looking for erotic adult portfolios from approved photographic studios and modelling agencies.We offer help getting your portfolio on spec. Closing mid June 2012. closed -----
120602 Novice modelling workshops mature, male, female Explore photographic modelling in studio, and other locations. Good for novices, newbies and experienced getting back on the horse after time out. closed wfp
120801 Novice studio photographers' workshop children, mature, male/ female, Need models of all ages and all genders for various types of studio work including portraits, figure studies and group shots. Good experience for novice models. 2 hours once a week. closed wfp
120802 Client is a children's toy manufacturer looking for North American catalogue pics. children, aged 6 to 8, male and female Happy children playing with toys. closed wfp
120809 Client is an Asian lingerie manufacturer expanding to USA. partial nudity, nudity, mature, female. Upmarket yet sexy lingerie. Ages 20 to 35. No prominent tattoos that cannot be hidden by photoshop or makeup.
Medium 34 - 36 bust B - C cup 24 - 28 waist   26 - 28 waist
OPEN $20 to $35 / hour depending on experience
121002 Client is a leather handbag manufacturer. Requires advertising photos for catalogue and online ads. fashion, no nudity,female, mature Partial body shots, Full body shots. Aged 35 to 45ish. Shoot from Oct 2012 to Jan 2013. closed $15 to $20 and wfp
121003 Client is an adult sex toy manufacturer in Asia, looking to enter the North American market. adult, erotic, male, female, mature Requires product shots with several different North American models male and female for catalogue and online ads. Also looking for a "poster girl" to headline their 2013 catalogue. Aged 25 to 40.Slim. No prominent tattoos that cannot be hid. Shoot from mid Nov 2012 to February 2013. closed from $20 to $80 /hr depending
121004 Client is a corporate promtional gift supplier. mature, male, female Product shots with part-body, some portraits, showing male and female models using the merchandise. Ages 25 to 40, corporate look. closed $15 /hr
121005 California based adult movie studio. male, female, "couples porn", aged 25 to 35 "Quest For A New Look" is this studio's annual program that invites modelling agencies and photographic studios to enter portfolios of models who fit a particular"new look and fresh talent" profile. August to October. closed ------
121101 MUA   Looking to build a portfolio? We have opportunities for fresh makeup artists to assist in different types of photo shoots: studio, portrait, on location, glanour, figure study, etc. Video and Photo. WorkForPics OPEN Cost of material + TFCD
121102 Uptown Ladies Downtown Male and Female ages 25 to 50 Photo essay series. Comic book style. Twelve volumes for 2012/2013 season. Download casting sheets. Soft core adult material. Tryouts late Nov. OPEN Negotiable and TFCD
121104 GoThFashion Female 25 to 35 Goth style & fashion, semi-nude and clothed. Wigs OK, experience req. No experience? Check in any case, you may have a look /size we need and we may make an exception for you. Shoot 1stWeek Dec. OPEN $15 to $25 / hr
121105 "The Dirty Show" Female / Male Detroit based annual erotic art show, "world's biggest" they say. ZalaTunzi plans to enter a few pieces. Art will be for sale but does not make much. Looking for models and MUA to collaboarate with me for recognition & portfolio work, get your name out there, do something funky, arty and weird for a change. OPEN  
121103 Huizhou Zhongshengchang Trading Co., Ltd. ladies underwear range Female 19 to 26. Calatolgue. Two weeks of shooting. some semi-nude/nude shots included. OPEN $25 to $35 /hr





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